Worlds healthiest most Eco Friendly Air Purifier

State of the Art

App controlled Air Purifier

Sectional water tanks

at Bahrain City Center

Irrigation tank

for Ministry of Works at Hammad Town

Air Dog Air Purifier

With Washable Filters

Sectional Tanks

for Ministry Of Housing @ Lawzi Lake

Solar Water Heaters

for 18 Villas @ Hammad Town

Our Products

Air Purifier
World's most advanced Air Purifier without filters Revolutionary Ionic Wind technology cleans smaller particles down to 0.0146 microns
Sectional Tanks
Simple, innovative, globally certified water storage solutions. Made with GRP sectional panels in modular and flexible patterns.
Solar Water Heaters
Photovoltaic Modules, Solar Thermal Collectors, Thermosiphon Systems, Solar Tanks, Solar Hoses, Hybrid Panels, Solar Street Lights.
Polyethylene Water Tank
Water tanks, Road Barriers, Illuminated Planters and other Rotational Molded Products

Who We Are

We are part of one of the most prominent groups in Bahrain with diversified interests in plastics, telecom, aluminum, real estate and contracting. We enjoy the favor of a very large and fully satisfied client base and have many prestigious installations in Ministry and Private Projects throughout the country.

We are committed to the propagation of renewable energy, clean water and environment, and to constantly provide innovative and unique solutions for all power, water and health needs that are cost effective and environmentally friendly.

What We Do

We supply, install and service a full range of Sectional and Polyethylene Water Tanks, Air Purifiers and Solar Water Heaters. We analyze customer needs and offer cost effective and environment friendly solutions resulting in substantial benefits in terms of expenditure and environment.

We actively promote green energy, clean water storage and clean air solutions, and strive to provide products that satisfy needs and are unique for projects and end users.

What We Provide

We represent some of the best international manufacturers and all our products are approved & certified by the relevant Ministries in Bahrain. We are the Sole Agents for Sangwon Sectional Tanks from South Korea, Solimpeks Solar Water Heaters from Turkey, and US designed Airdog Air Purifiers manufactured in China.

We are also the Distributors for Polycon Polyethylene Water Tanks manufactured in Bahrain. All our products are internationally well known and are backed by excellent after sales service and customer care.